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The interventions in this study include:

1. Videos with step by step procedures to solve word problems.  Most of the standardized programs and the programs on the students' laptops utilize word problems.  The videos give the students the opportunity to stop the video at any point and replay an aspect of how to solve word problems.  The videos include people of varying backgrounds
Culturally Relevant Tutoring is tutoring which incorporates the students’ culture: 

  • Demographic Backgrounds,
  • Learning Styles,
  • Multiple Intelligences, 
  • Personality Types, and
  • Self-Efficacy. 

The tutors integrate the students’ culture into the tutoring session (Gunn, Bennett, Evans, Peterson, & Welsh, 2013 Ju, Choi, Rhee, & Tae-Lee, 2016).

2. A booklet which shows the students how to solve 501 word-problems over the 6 weeks study period. 

3.  Surveys to give the students the opportunity to learn their learning styles and how they learn, multiple intelligences, personality types, and self-efficacy, they can make the necessary adjustments, to improve their acquisition of knowledge.  They will also learn of their cultural competence to help them understand themselves and others.  This will also increase their ability to communicate and work with people of various backgrounds, in addition to enhancing their self-efficacy.

4.  Tutors to help the students succeed.

Complete the form below to contact me,

or email J.Isbell9500@email.ncu.edu,

or call 256-434-1778.

Thanks for your interest in my research study. 
I am recruiting 
students in grades 6-8 and tutors for 6-8 grade students.


My name is Janice Isbell, ABD.  I am a student at Northcentral University. I am conducting a research study on whether tutoring, which includes culture, helps middle school mathematics students.  I am completing this research as part of my doctoral degree.  I invite you to participate.

The assessment process includes the students completing 5 surveys (total time 45 minutes) and the tutors completing 4 surveys (total time 45 minutes). 

The time commitment includes 2 tutoring classes each week for 6 weeks.  The classes provide tutoring on Fractions, Decimals, Percent, and Basic Algebra. 

The study is being conducted to determine if the Culturally Relevant Tutoring is tutoring which incorporates the students’ culture:  Demographic Backgrounds, Learning Styles, Multiple Intelligences, Personality Types, and Self-Efficacy increases Students’ Academics, Class Participation, and Self-Efficacy.

Parents:  If you consent to your child’s participation in the study, he or she will be asked to:

Complete the following 5 surveys
Cultural Competence Survey
Learning Styles Inventory
Multiple Intelligences
Big 5 Personality Test

Participate in a tutoring program for six weeks, 2 hours each day, 2 days each week.  The surveys the students will complete are as follow.  

The surveys to be completed are as follows:
Fractions Problems, 1 hour, Week 1
Decimals Problems, 1 hour, Week 2
Percent Problems, 1 hour, Week 3
Basic Algebra Problems, 1 hour, Week 4
Miscellaneous Problems, 1 hour, Weeks 5/6

You are eligible to participate in this research if you:
Are students who are having problems in their mathematics class, (e.g, students who have not earned a letter grade of A (90-100) or B (80-89) in their previous Math class.)
Are in grades 6-8,

You are not eligible to participate in this research if he/she:
Is a student who is not having 
problems in mathematics class,
Is not in grades 6-8 or

I hope to include 126 students in this research.

Contact Information:

If you have questions for me, you can contact me
at: J.Isbell9500@email.ncu.edu, 256-434-1778, doctoral student at NCU.

Please note the parents, tutors, and students can sign the consent/assent forms to participate in this tutoring program online:  http://www.janiceisbell.com/surveys.html.  

The title of my dissertation is "A Quantitative Quasi-Experimental Research Study of Culturally Relevant Tutoring and Students’ Academics, Class Participation, and Self-Efficacy."

My Personal Vision Statement: I Will Be A Minister Impacting Lives, Publisher of Books, Motivational Speaker, Positive Person, Love for My Husband, Family, and the World! And an Educator